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In conjunction with the partner theatres and the cinemas aligned with them, since 2007Jérémie Le Louët proposes, meetings for a movie projection related to the show programmed for the stage:

"Brazil" by T. Gilliam / for "Hot House"
"Artificial intelligence" by S. Spielberg / for "Un Pinocchio de moins!" ("A Pinocchio down!")
"Macbeth" by O. Welles and "Spider web Castle" by In. Kurosawa/ for "Macbett"
Looking for Richard by A. Pacino / for Richard III
"Eight and a half" by F. Fellini / for "Affreux, bêtes et pedants" ("Hideous, stupid and pedantic")
"Lost in la Mancha" by K. Fulton and L. Pepe / for "Don Quichotte".