Dominique Massat & Jérémie Le Louët

Enfants de l’enfer

A diptych by Jean Delabroy

“Children begin by loving their parents. After a time they judge them. Rarely, if ever, do they forgive them.” Oscar Wilde

Jean Delabroy revisits the eight historical pieces that Shakespeare devoted to The Wars of the Roses. Enfants de l’enfer comprises two monologues, Immanité and Humanité. Joan of Arc and Sir John Falstaff recount the horrors of the war waging between the houses of York and Lancaster in their bid to stake a claim on the English throne. But this war is not just any old war. It is the accumulation of all wars, past and present, with its three figureheads: Hunger, Iron and Fire. It is conflict at its most appalling level. With all the bouts of killing, we are presented with a bloodbath of such proportions that, when all is said and done, nobody can tell the difference between a white rose and a red one. This diptych plunges deep into the nuclear fission that runs through the course of History. Dramaticules performed the piece for the first time at the Folie Desmares, in Châtillon, as part of their association with the Théâtre de Châtillon, in conjunction with the creation of their full-scale production of Richard III.