Jérémie Le Louët


A wooden puppet named Pinocchio is cast upon a hazardous path which confronts him with all his frustrations, impulses, and shortcomings.
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Jérémie Le Louët

Le Horla

By means of a recital of great intensity, Jérémie Le Louët and Théo Pombet create a bewitching sound and musical-based environment. They enable us to discover one of the classic works of French literature.
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Anthony Courret, Dominique Massat, Jérémie Le Louët, Julien Buchy & Jonathan Frajenberg

20 years !

Dramaticules celebrates its 20 years anniversary in 2022/23 !
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Dramaticules celebrate its 20 years anniversary in 2022/23 !

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Dominique Massat, Anthony Courret, Pierre-Antoine Billon, Jonathan Frajenberg, Thomas Chrétien, Théo Pombet, Julien Buchy & Jérémie Le Louët


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