With the friendly authorisation of Jean de La Fontaine

“If an animal tells you it’s talking, it’s probably lying.” Unknown

Affabulations was born from the desire of the Dramaticules to share with the public a playful and direct report (interactive for those who wish), around the reflection of the imposture, the appearance, the balance of power and hierarchy within a group, based on the emblematic symbolic of the mask: Les Fables of Jean de La Fontaine.

Rare are the works that crystallize so much our heritage : in France, everybody has learned a fable, an inevitable course in elementary school. However they are not for children, their morality is much more ambiguous than the simple teaching of domestic utility.

Jean de La Fontaine’s Fables are also, for generations of readers and actors, the “French music” of the just and conventional «well-saying». It is difficult for today’s interpreter to get out of this language learned in school in order to aspire for a living and free speech. It is also difficult for the spectator to accept being bumped into his nostalgic expectations. The play is a place of friction, embarrassment and derision where the question of the social mask is the most telling, is the starting point of Affabulations.

During a public rehearsal punctuated by dramatic turns of events, Jérémie Le Louët and his playmates have fun blurring the line between fiction and reality. Affabulations underlines the force of habits of actors and questions our expectations of spectators. A veritable manifesto for a theatre of actors, Affabulations highlights the inextricable difficulty of being authentic under the fire of eyes.