Affabulations ! (nomadic)

A small-scale piece based on the work of Jean de La Fontaine

“If an animal tells you he is speaking, he is probably lying.” Anonymous

La Fontaine’s Fables is a classic work and an institution in itself. We all know at least one fable, from studying it at school. The moral of each fable is of a far more ambiguous nature than the morals of our everyday domestic lives. Dedicated to the young Dauphin, the heir to the throne, they are frequently immoral, cynical and full of gall. La Fontaine settles his scores with his contemporaries under the pretence of advice and warnings given to the youngest sections of society.

Affabulations ! was devised using improvisations, based on different scenarios: a director and two actors present themselves to the audience and suggests looking into how we might act out La Fontaine’s Fables today. In order to do this, the director directs each actor, one by one, as they set about acting La Fontaine’s The Crow and the Fox. The audience is invited to cast a critical eye on the different acting propositions, and perhaps to try out their acting skills for themselves…

Dramaticules delights in blurring the frontier between fiction and reality. This satirical spoof puts together the tricks of the trade of the actor and questions the way we view things as spectators.