Les Théâtres de Saint-Malo (35)

From 2023 to 2024

A new relationship starts this season between Les Dramaticules and the Théâtres de Saint-Malo and their public but their relationship with the director, Laurent Ziveri, began almost 10 years ago, when Laurent himself was in company and discovered Affreux, bêtes et pédants, created by the Dramaticules in 2014. This season, Laurent offered to associate the company to the Théâtres de Saint-Malo, that he runs since 2022. It is with a great complicity that they conceived a range of events for the people of Saint-Malo.

Les Dramaticules will present their new creation, La Montagne cachée, as well as Pinocchio, at the Théâtre l’Hermine.
At Théâtre Chateaubriand, they will perform a series of shows from La Face cachée du plateau. The small form Affabulations will also be programmed. Meanwhile, Jérémie Le Louët will give, over a week-end, a practical theater training.

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