Cultural Actions


“The flow of the acting ought to be like the flow of an orchestra.” Jean-Louis Barrault

The Master Actor
Jérémie Le Louët gives participants the opportunity to explore how actors are directed by means of exercises and scene-studies involving writing which presents formal constraints (such as Jean Racine, Victor Hugo, Paul Claudel, and La Fontaine). The objective is to co-develop a basis for movement and breathing. Far from any notions of how to build a character, he invites participants to tackle theatrical scores ranging from the intense to the monstrous… and the free.

Making the writing heard
This workshop, also lead by Jérémie Le Louët, takes its source directly from his experience of directing actors. Drawing upon texts from the classical repertory, he gives participants the opportunity to work on address, breathing, voice placement and relationship with the audience. He combines constraints that are both formal and fun, such as breath control, tempo, energy and phrasing. The work undertaken enables participants to discover different reading intensities, and to learn how to free themselves from syntax in order to focus on the pleasure of reading out aloud.