Théo Pombet, Jérémie Le Louët & Jonathan Frajenberg

La Face cachée du plateau

The hidden world of sound and lighting

“Art is magic delivered from the lie of being truth.” Theodor Wiesengrund Adorno

How does a director make use of the technical and scenic possibilities offered by the stage? In response to frequent requests from theatre partners to open up to groups of spectators the doors of its technical run-throughs, and frustrated by not being able to dedicate the necessary time to visitors, Dramaticules has created a format dedicated to the technical aspects of theatrical creation. This hidden world of sound and lightning enables, in a tangible yet subtle way, visitors to grasp the palette of tools that come together in order to bring out the impact and beauty of works which come life onstage Jonathan Frajenberg, Théo Pombet and Jérémie Le Louët explain to the audience everything that gives meaning to a piece: lighting, sound and how the actors are directed. It is not about seeing the construction of a decor nor the adjustment of the projectors but rather about exploring in a concrete way the different technical and scenic possibilities put at the disposal of the director during the creation of a show.

Dramaticules brings us an enthralling show-conference, which also doubles as an initiation to the various technical posts in existence within the performing arts. For those wishing to programme La Face cachée du plateau, it could be part of a presentation of the forthcoming season, national heritage days, or encounters on the theme of artistic and technical careers in the arts. This could be during term-time or not, or at any other moment during the season.