Théo Pombet & Jérémie Le Louët

L’Étoile et autres visions

Hallucinatory tales by Ivan Turgenev, Leo Tolstoy and Vikenty Veressaev

“It is one thing to love freedom, it is another to know how to be free.” Leonid Andreïev

The Petit Palais, in Paris, which hosted from the 23rd October 2021 to the 21st January 2022 an exhibition dedicated to the work of the painter Ilya Repine, commissioned Dramaticules to create two programmes of folk tales based on Russian literature from the end of the 19th century and the start of the 20th century, one for a family-based audience and the other for adults and adolescents. In this staged-reading L’Étoile et autres visions, Jérémie Le Louët and Théo Pombet give voice to three visionary tales by Turgenev, Tolstoy and Veressaev, forbearers to the major upheavals soon to take place in early 20th century Russia.

The End of the World, The Two Brothers and The Star evoke the difficulty we feel when it comes to overcoming our fears and resolving the challenges that face us in order to overturn the established order.