Jérémie Le Louët & Noémie Guedj

Pinocchio (reading)

Saga based on the work by Carlo Collodi

“The quality of the writing is such that Pinocchio is one of those rare prose texts the words of which become engraved in our memories, like the words of a poem.” Italo Calvino

Though the story is best known for its Disney version, The Adventures of Pinocchio was an Italian novel dating back to the end of the 19th century, penned with a mixture of tenderness and cynicism by Carlo Collodi. Jérémie Le Louët uses it as the ideal basis for questioning our relationship with the forbidden, morality, and self-accomplishment.

In this staged-reading, Noémie Guedj, Simon Denis and Jérémie Le Louët bring to life Collodi’s densely populated universe, tackle the disguising of the different voices, and use music and amplified sounds to recreate the magic of one of the world’s finest myths.