Anthony Courret, Jérémie Le Louët, Julien Buchy & Jonathan Frajenberg

Plus belle la vie d’une compagnie

A theatrical soap-opera in three episodes

“You are going to regret it, a life in the theatre!” Copi

In three episodes, Plus belle la vie d’une compagnie is an incisive and humorous look at the life of a theatre company, named after a similarly-named French soap-opera. Nobody is spared: artists, theatre professionals and spectators alike. This offbeat triptych takes an uncompromising look at what happens backstage.

Mazo, an abbreviation of the French word for « masochistic » and the first episode in the soap-opera, takes a look at relationships between the actors but also between actors and the male director, and which reveal themselves to be tumultuous ones in a turbulent context. In this nightmare-like rehearsal of Phaedra, by Jean Racine, the tragedy of everyday life joins forces with the lyrical tragedy. The realism becomes increasingly baroque and with it, the increasingly terrifying battles of the ego.

The Soup Merchants questions the relationship between the various institutions, and the artists and members of the audience. In other words, it looks at how the “cultural product” destroys all illusions. This instalment hinges upon two exercises in communication the mastery of which is often difficult to obtain: the presentation of the forthcoming season and meetings with theatre professionals.

For you, spectator! ,a Pirandello-inspired episode, looks into the artist/spectator relationship. This “debate” raises the question of audience expectations, as well as its frustrations and how it adjusts its desires and wishes.