Jérémie Le Louët

Temps suspendu

A fantastical recital based on the work of Apollinaire and Lovecraft

“History is like the unravelling of a thread beneath temporal and transitory eyes.” Léon Bloy

In 2016, the Musée de la Poste commissioned Dramaticules to create a staged-reading in resonance with the photographs presented as part of its Temps suspendus – Explorations urbaines exhibition. Abandoned places, ruins, and how times erodes the works of our fellow beings… the three tales which make up the Temps suspendu staged-reading immerse us in places haunted by immortal souls and overturn our relationship with time: past, present, and future blend into one. In this fascinating recital ranging from Memory by Lovecraft, Cox City by Apollinaire and I am from elsewhere by Lovecraft, Jérémie Le Louët and Théo Pombet share with us their taste for the strange. By restoring the different rhythms, sounds and uses of the voice to their rightful places, they bring the words of these storytellers back to life.