The tour of our Don Quichotte is coming to an end (8/02/18 at the Théâtre de Laval, 10/02/18 at the Centre Culturel Jacques Duhamel in Vitré, 10/04/18 at the Théâtre de Rethel, 24/04/18 at the Théâtre Comoedia in Marmande). For those who haven't seen it yet, don't panic ! The show will continue its route next season, between March and May 2019.

The flagship news in 2018/19, and which has already fully occupied us for a few months, is the creation of Shakespeare's Hamlet. This new show will be out from November 22 to December 2, 2018 at the Théâtre de Chatillon, then will be touring until February 2019.

Finally, The plateau's hidden side and all of our repertoire of readings-shows will be touring throughout the season.

Looking forward to seeing you soon, at the theater or elsewhere,

The Dramaticules

Photo © Jean-Louis Fernandez