© Romain Veillon - Les sables du temps, Namibie, 2013


Reading performance according to Guillaume Apollinaire

Created in December 2016

In the framework of the photographic exhibition "Temps suspendus - Explorations urbaines", shown until 18 December 2016 in the Espace Niemeyer in Paris, the Musée de la Poste, the event organizer , asked the Dramaticules a reading-show echoing to the photographs shown. With the ruins, the wear and tear of time upon the humain work as the remaining theme, the exhibition make us dive into the heart of an heritage forgotten and deserted by mans. The nature then reclaim its rights.
Between fright and fascination, terror and poetry, those photographs witness the incredible beauty of the out of time places.
Jérémie Le Louët found in this exhibition a strong adequacy with three tales of the fantasy register of the XX century. In the program : Lovecraft and Apollinaire.