© Cie des Dramaticules


A satire of French Cultural life

Created in January 2014

"Let’s get one thing clear, this show - and it is its strength - is not for amateurs or performing art professionals. This young and talented theatre group that wrote it and performs this show, is skilled and fascinated by its job. It is often cruel but terribly funny." Sandrine Blanchard – LE MONDE

"A thirty-year old group shoots all theatrical customs. It is an acid satire where everyone is being put back to its place. Funny and wholesome." Etienne Sorin - LE FIGARO

“Here is a really funny and full of dynamisms. A mean satire which shows us to the behind the scenes. Stunning!" Jean-Luc Porquet - LE CANARD ENCHAÎNÉ

"A funny satire by its exaggerations and realism." Frédéric Péguillan - TÉLÉRAMA

"An abundant and caustic satire. Les Dramaticules prove once more their inventiveness and their virtuosity." Agnès Santi – LA TERRASSE

"Let us be clear: it is difficult to chronicle such a show … Why? Because Affreux, bêtes et pédants is a very intelligent play, and abounds in surprises. This is high quality theatre." Vincent Cambier - LESTROISCOUPS.COM

"In the set and its ongoing tableau, nobody escapes Jérémie Le Louët’ and his group’s impertinent vision. We laugh a lot, of others but not only: on our spectator's seat, we also participate in this small world. Mockery does not miss gravity." Françoise Josse - THE

"Terribly funny, the new Les Dramaticules show is one small healthy marvel of subtlety. Absolutely a must." Aurore Chéry – RUEDUTHEATRE