Laurence Olivier dans Hamlet © Cie des Dramaticules


Created in November 2018

Hamlet is part of a work process initiated in 2014 with the creation of Hideous, stupid and pedantic, between works of the repertoire, rewriting , montage and superimposed narratives.
Piece of pieces and classic of classicals, between tradition, experimentation and confusion, Hamlet throw back at us our heritage, the overwhelming weight of elders and the cynicism of our time. What is our place in this? Has History stopped before we have been able to play any role? There is in today's youth, just as in Hamlet, the nostalgia of an another time. How to act? For which act out ? Is it necessary to liquidate everything, to venerate everything or to wait on the edge of the road in the most total apathy?
We do not wish to seet the play in the tradition of the Elizabethan theater nor to give a modernized version but wish to explode the sources, echoes, references, incidences to account for this state of doubt, this great confusion wich restrain energies in the making.

Jérémie Le Louët