Les Bords de Scènes-Théâtres et Cinémas à Juvisy (91)

From 2015 to 2018

The collaboration between the Bords de Scènes onstage encounters, directed at the time by Bruno Bossard, began in 2012 with the hosting of the company’s production of Richard III and the setting up of artistic awareness initiatives within the area, in both schools and private homes. In 2013, the Le Horla show gave rise to new exchanges with the inhabitants of Juvisy and Athis-Mons, followed by the hosting of L’Ubu roi des Dramaticules in 2015.

The Bords de Scènes onstage encounters reinforced this link, resulting in an invitation to Dramaticules to participate in a three season-long residency programme starting in September 2015. The programme included readings in private homes, performances of shows from the company’s repertory, availability of rehearsal space for the creation of Hamlet in 2018 and a coproduction aid.

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