Jonathan Frajenberg, Jérémie Le Louët & Dominique Massat

L’Ubu roi des Dramaticules

A pseudo-farce based on the work by Alfred Jarry

“New people will come along, youngsters, and finding us rather stale and old-hat, will compose ballads, to our undying horror. And there is no reason why this should come to an end.” Alfred Jarry

Ubu roi is about abuse: appetite, power, and cowardice… It is also about monsters… United in their malevolent ways, Father and Mother Ubu vociferate, stuff themselves, betray and exterminate anyone who gets in the way of their quest for wealth. Punctuated by exclamations of “merdre”, the French word for “shit”, with an extra “r”, the king of the absurd continues to be the symbol of all the evils in the world, and the archetype of despotic cruelty. Ubu is both is stupid and vulgar in the extreme.

Ubu roi
is a work of chaos presided over by bullying, conspiracy, and war-mongering. In the context of the history of theatre, this piece represents mayhem of formidable proportions. It carries with it all the violence, sarcasm and insolence of youth. In Ubu roi des Dramaticules, the different scenes do not follow on from each other, they collide and contest each other, in an emphatic, ironic and deeply critical manner. In the eyes of Jérémie and his team, it seemed of paramount importance that the plot of the show should follow that of the piece itself, and that the destiny of the actors should follow that of the different characters. And lastly, that the show should lead to its own self-destruction over the course of its performance. It is also the story of a troupe wanting to put on Ubu roi, and tearing itself to pieces in the process.