Pierre-Antoine Billon, Jonathan Frajenberg & Anthony Courret


Gruesome revelry based on the work by William Shakespeare

“Being modern is not about trying to find something outside of, or different from, all that has already been done. On the contrary, it is a matter of co-ordinating everything that the past has brought us, in order to see how the century in which we live has accepted this heritage and the use it makes of it.” Gustave Moreau

In the kingdom of Denmark, Prince Hamlet cannot make up his mind between suicide, vengeance and theatrical creation… A piece within a piece, a classic of classics, Hamlet confronts us headfirst with our heritage, the crushing weight of those who have gone before us and the cynicism of our times. What is our place in all this? Has History come to a halt before we have even had our chance to play our part in it? Similar to Hamlet, the youth of today has a longing for an era that they have not experienced. How do we take action? In what aim or form? Should we get rid of everything, hold it in high esteem or sit there and wait, in total apathy?

The staging of the piece by Dramaticules neither adheres to the tradition of Elizabethan theatre nor provides us with a “modernised” version of the piece. Indeed, the work of the company is to lay bare all the different sources, echoes, references, and incidences in order to hone in on this state of uncertainty, this great confusion which places a lid on all the energies in the making. Using a mixture of both Shakespeare and collective writing, repertory and free variations, Jérémie and his team make heard the voice of a lost generation in an effervescent, dizzying manner.