Anthony Courret, Pierre-Antoine Billon, Jérémie Le Louët & Jonathan Frajenberg


A fairy tale based on the work by Carlo Collodi

“Childhood knows what it wants… to leave childhood behind.” Jean Cocteau

A wooden puppet named Pinocchio is cast upon a hazardous path which confronts him with all his frustrations, impulses, and shortcomings. Taking place in a dreamt-up Italy, his journey is an initiatory one in which logs burst into flames, animals speak and the dead come back to life. The action unfurls in a multitude of different settings: sea, countryside, forest, small puppet theatre, or the belly of a shark…

Today, experiencing The Aventures of Pinocchio enables us to sample, once again, fables in all their perfection. The solemnity of certain sequences is a reminder of old legends and their definitive tone. The shifting between sententious and flippant registers imbibes the work with an unlikely sense of reactionary anarchism. Fantasy pervades throughout and the episodes follow on from each other in a joyfully frenetic manner.

Dramaticules brings us a fairy tale for adults and children alike, set in the world of the fairground. A place for theatre in the making, in which anything is possible, and in which memories, fantasies, myths and dreams are brought to life.